Do you need to make a dogbite claim?

The old adage that dogs are man’s best friend is one that rings true. These wonderfully loyal and often very useful animals are a feature of our lives in no small way. From the tiny terriers to the grand Great Dane there is plenty of choice for the dog lover, and much love to be had from the relationship that follows.

It is also true that just about any dog will bite if provoked or forced to defend itself. This is so of any animal, including us! That most dogs pets or otherwise, are well behaved is undoubted. So is the fact that some are allowed to get out of control. In these cases where someone is bitten by a dog they have a basic right to make a dog bite claim for compensation, as the owner has been negligent.

Making a dog bite claim is not difficult but it pays to have a professional solicitor on hand to handle your case. There are many such solicitors offering their services in the personal injury claims field. This is where the dog bite claim falls. You should be able to find one offering you a no win no fee deal. This gives you the peace of mind that you will not be saddled with an expensive legal bill if your claim is unsuccessful It should also provide you with the best chance of a successful claim.

The main point in making a dog bite claim lies in proving the negligence of another party. Negligence is simply a lack of care and attention on the part of another. In this case the dog owner. While the injury may have been caused by the dog, the law deems the owner to be responsible for the behaviour of the animal. Proving negligence is something that the professional solicitor will be able to do with ease. That is another reason why finding the right solicitor is essential.

You can find a solicitor who deals in personal injury law by running an internet search, or you may have seen them advertising in the press. You need to present them with the details of your case, and the injury concerned, so they can accurately assess your right to make a dog bit claim and be awarded compensation.

While the vast majority of dogs are harmless, well-trained, well-controlled pets and working animals, there are irresponsible owners who persist in spoiling things for the rest of us. The Dangerous Dogs Act was introduced to protect the public from animals that are deemed to be particularly dangerous and has helped in no small way to stem the tide of injuries.

Nevertheless, if you have been bitten and believe that the injuries were caused by negligent handling you should consider making a dog bite claim and get in touch with a solicitor right away for advice. You may be entitled to compensation that will go at least some way towards helping you recover from the ordeal you have suffered.