How to Increase the Success of a Dog Bite Claim

Dog attacks have increased in recent times. There are many reasons for this. Victims usually require treatment at a hospital. The duration of these treatments is determined by the severity of the dog bite. It can take from 3 days to a week depending on the degree of attack.

It is important to understand that you are entitled to demand compensation through a dog bite claim. If the dog belongs to someone else, an attack can be perceived as a personal injury claim. Dog owners are liable in such cases because of the Animal Act, 1971, which recognizes that if biting or attacking in any form is part of an animal’s regular conduct, an individual who decides to own an animal, takes responsibility for this ‘normal’ behaviour of the animal.

Owners of dogs are required by law to get their pets regularly vaccinated particularly against diseases such as rabies. It is a life-threatening disease and dogs who aren’t vaccinated regularly can be carriers. If such a dog bites you, apart from the obvious physical injuries, you are at high risk of acquiring rabies.

It is imperative to immediately seek medical attention if you are bitten and inform the police if you intend to claim compensation. Some countries have specific laws governing the issue while others consider compensation for a dog bite victim a personal injury issue and deal with it accordingly. In most countries however you can seek some sort of damages against the injury caused by someone’s dog.

If you hire a professional to file a claim, it’s far more likely that you will be successful in receiving a settlement. Such cases are usually open and shut affairs and once the identity of the dog’s owner is established, the rest of the procedure is routine. Calculating the amount for damages is a tricky business for a simple reason. You can quantify the victim’s hospital costs but how would you appraise trauma.

The amount you get for your dog bite claim is dependent on many factors. The obvious factor is the type and intensity of your injuries and the impact the injury(s) will have on your life down the line. Settling in court usually yields a more substantial compensation but if you do not want the trouble you can still hire a personal injury lawyer to help you negotiate a settlement for your dog bite claim.

While deciding if the dog owner is liable, the responsibility of the owner to control his pet is brought under the scanner. During times, he is not present to self-supervise the dog, alternate arrangements should be made or the dog housed in a kennel. This is to ensure safety of the people in the vicinity. A competent personal injury lawyer can quantify the impact of a dog biting episode brilliantly to get you a fair dog bite claim compensation because it is not just about the physical injury but also the emotional impact of an attack. While a dog bite can be a traumatic experience, make sure you claim your due compensation.