How to Increase the Success of a Dog Bite Claim Attacks by dogs have seen a profound increase in recent years. Victims of dog bites usually need serious hospital treatment. If such an incident occurs involving you or someone you know it is pertinent to know that compensation can be received through filing a dog bite claim. It is best to hire the services of a professional injury solicitor who can do all the work for you. Dog owners are liable for their dog’s actions. Compensation claims are fairly routine affairs once the identity of the owner is established and it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the dog was not provoked. The amount one gets in damages depends on the underlying circumstances. Read the Full Story

Dog bite claim

Man has long had a relationship with dogs that goes far beyond that seen with any other pet. The dog is a loyal companion, a workmate, and a help around the house all in one. With so many different breeds to choose from, there is plenty for the dog lover to get to know.

The sad fact is that some owners are irresponsible and allow their dogs to get out of control. Others simply do not give the animal the training it needs. As a result making a dog bite claim for compensation is something often seen in our courts, and the number of people claiming is on the rise.

There is a school of thought that says there is no such thing as a badly behaved dog, just a badly behaved owner. This is true to an extent as dogs are surprisingly intelligent animals and, on the whole, are usually easy to train. A well behaved dog is a joy to behold, while a badly behaved one is a problem that can result in injury.

Making a dog bite claim is something that is your right if you have been bitten by an animal that was out of control. All owners have a basic duty of care to other members of the public to keep their animal under control. As such a dog that is not controlled and which bites another person leaves the owner or handler open to claims of negligence.

This is the basic core of a successful dog bite claims compensation case. While it may sound simple, there is much to be said for having a professional on board to handle your case.

These days the public are far more aware of the right to claim compensation for injuries sustained thanks to negligence. This is down in no small part to the internet and the availability of information it brings with it. Also, more solicitors are offering their services in specific areas of the law. With personal injury claims being one of the most important.

Finding a solicitor to handle your claim is simple. Use an internet search engine or look through the adverts in the press. It may not be as expensive as you believe. With no win no fee deals commonplace, these are packages in which you pay a legal fee only if you are successful with your dog bite claim – and 100% compensation offers also available, you can rest assured that your claim will be handled with the utmost efficiency.

The fact that the dog bite claim is now more frequent than ever is not necessarily due to a surfeit of badly behaved dogs but to the new-found understanding of the claims process. Nevertheless, the Dangerous Dogs Act, which banned certain breeds deemed to present a danger to the public, has gone some way to protecting the populace from potentially vicious animals.

If you have been bitten by a dog and wish to make a claim you should contact a solicitor right away and discuss the details of your case.

    Dogs may be man’s best friend but there are those badly behaved examples that can be vicious! If you have been a victim of a dog bite you may wish to know that making a dog bite claim for compensation is not the expensive and tiresome procedure you may believe it to be. It is in fact, simple and cost effective.

    With professional help on offer and sensible no win no fee deals, you can claim compensation for injuries suffered thanks to a dog bite, and you may find you are recompensed to a great degree.

    We have long been attracted to dogs as companions, and also in many cases as working animals that can help in the day to day running of our lives. Most dogs are well behaved and carefully handled, but sometimes owners can be careless and allow their animal to behave badly.

    In cases where someone is bitten by a dog that was out of control the right to make a dog bite claim for compensation is always present. If you have been bitten, you should not dismiss it as an expensive folly. Making a claim can be relatively simple, and also quite inexpensive.

    Most people are unaware that they can receive compensation for injuries sustained during a dog attack by making a dog bite claim. This is especially true for people such as postmen, technicians and electricians who have no choice but to enter someone’s home. If you have wounds, lacerations, fractures, sprains and muscle injury suffered due to a dog attack, you can strengthen your case through photographic evidence, eyewitness reports and medical evidence. Make sure you keep records of any tetanus injections and treatments you sought and remember to note down names and personal information of the dog owner as well as any eyewitnesses.

Dogs are widely loved creatures and one of the most popular of pets. Their loyalty and friendliness, depending on the breed, is something of legend. However, there are instances where people can come across poorly trained or badly behaved dogs. As a result of increased awareness of our rights the number of people making a dog bite claim for compensation is on the rise.

As with all instances of negligence, that is a lack of care and attention on the part of another, the victim has a right to claim compensation through the courts. This is every bit as true when it comes to a dog bite claim as in any other case. Injury from dog bites can be serious in some cases. Every owner has a basic duty of care to make sure that their canine is kept under control.

Furthermore, some breeds are now banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act. This legislation recognises a number of breeds that can be more dangerous than most. Anyone who is bitten by one of these has a right to claim. If you have been bitten by a dog and believe that you have a case for compensation you should contact a solicitor right away to discuss your case.

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There are many breeds of dogs that are friendly and make great companions. Others that are invaluable in our daily or working lives. Think of the sheepdog, still a staple of farming today, or the guide dog performing its essential duty with unwavering loyalty.

Typically a well-trained dog, whether a pet or otherwise, is unlikely to bite unless provoked. Sometimes owners allow their animals to get out of control. Anyone bitten by a dog that was not being handled properly is entitled to make a dog bite claim for compensation. As the public becomes more aware of the right to claim, so the number of such claims increases.

Making a dog bite claim may not be the expensive pursuit you believe it to be, for there are many professionals who specialise in the world of personal injury law. These solicitors will offer you a no win no fee deal in which you only pay their fee if you are successful. They also offer a greater chance of a successful claim thanks to their understanding of the law.

If you have been bitten by a dog that was handled negligently and believe you have a right to make a claim you should contact a solicitor now for advice and to put your case in motion.

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Dog bite claims form a large percentage of personal injury claims filed in the UK each year, since over 100 dog bites are reported every week. Despite this, the numbers do not represent the actual injuries because many people are unaware that they are eligible for dog bite compensation.

You can file a dog bite claim if you are the victim of a dog attack or dog bite that resulted in injuries to your tissues, bones, skin or muscle due to wounds, fractures and lacerations. The law will also recognize the psychological trauma suffered, as well as any expenses you accrued while receiving treatment.

Eligibility is strengthened if you work in a profession that makes entering other people’s property unavoidable. For instance plumbers, electricians, technicians and postmen are eligible without any doubt. Over 5000 postmen and women are attacked by dogs each year in the UK.

A strong case for a dog bite claim is built if you have medical proof that you had to receive treatment for an injury resulting from a dog bite. This evidence could include a doctor’s statement as well as records of having received tetanus injections, treatments for cellulitis and treatments for physical wounds. Photographic evidence of the wound should be kept. Make sure you note the names of the owner and the witnesses involved. Your case is strengthened if the owner can be proven to have acted negligently.

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